New house build Frankston

House builder Melbourne

Located at Kelso Street Frankston is a new house build that Mills Construction recently completed, the house was located at the rear of a subdivided block and is just one of a number of subdivision builds that Mills Construction has completed over the years that we have been in business.

Subdivision builds bring about their own unique issues that a normal house build does not. The fact that someone is still living in the house at the front and needs both access to their property and privacy, new dividing fences need to be built, new driveways need to be made that run the length of the property to the rear dwelling, sewerage, water, gas, electricity etc needs to run through the property to the rear dwelling which require excavation to run the length of the property.

Once completed though a subdivision build can net you in excess of $100,000 in profit, so if you are living on a large property and your back yard is going to waste, why not capitalise on it and consider a subdivision house build, if you need any advice on how to get a subdivision underway or indeed are in the process already and are looking for a builder that is experienced in the intricacies of subdivision house builds, give Mills Construction a call on 0417 011 138.

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