Entrance stairs Frankston

New stairs

The house at the top of Olivers Hill Frankston, was about to be put on the market, the house itself was in a state of disrepair but was not too far gone that it could not be renovated and brought back to it’s former glory or alternativly it could be demolished and a new house built.

With this in mind the current owner needed stairs to the front entrance that were safe so that prospective purchasers could enter the house to be viewed and at the same time he did not want to over capitalise on something they may very well be up for demolition soon after being sold.

As you can see from the photos the below, the stairs were very dangerous and had been locked up so that could not be used, we took down the dangerous stairs and rebuilt the stairs to the front entrance, to not only be safe and functional but to also not over capitalise on the expense.

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